18 February 2012

Parisian Style

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So, as i told you in my update post i'm going to Paris with my University course, right at the beginning of March, which i'm super excited about! We're going for 4 days, so it's enough time to get some exciting things done but too long to take away from other University work, or anything else. I thought it'd be a great idea to do a post about possible outfit styles for Paris, for my own sake and for yours! This trip is going to be full of opportunities so i want to dress smartly but nothing too formal, a little bit different and full of personality. I'm not going out to buy anything new for the trip, so will be going through my current wardrobe to put outfits together but i've put ensembles together that i know i can easily put together with things that i already own.

Like i said, i think it's nice to dress smartly but nothing too formal and i think playsuits are a lovely way to do that. They can often be quite tailored, but are also really easy to wear and insanely comfortable; i, personally, love Topshop playsuits! On it's own, it could seem a little formal but pair it with some super bright loafers and a leather jacket, and you've got yourself a comfortable go-to outfit!

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I think this is one of those easy chic styles; easy to throw on and completely comfortable. We all know the skater style has been raging on the High Street for the past few months, and it's nice to say it'll be taking us on into Spring too. It's an incredibly flattering fit, and style, nipping you in at the smallest part of your waist and flaring out to create a beautiful figure, and shape, so this classic black number will take your from work to play and day to night, in one fell swoop. Pair it with an easy to wear striped, or patterned, top; nothing too casual (no t-shirts!) but something that's classy but casual. It's all about comfort and style!

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Again, the skater style is so classic and chic, that it can take you to all sorts of occasions with how you dress it up (or down!) I adore this dress and is a recent purchase of mine, shown how to style in this post, so i thought i'd take some of my own advice and jazz up this beauty with some colourful leggings. You don't need to much else, with an outfit like this because you've got beautiful textures to work with, so a simple aztec style pendant and some simple black boots make it for a comfortable day time number.

Everyone is different, but this trip isn't just going to be your average sightseeing jolly, so i definitely want to dress comfortably but smartly, which tends to be style of dress usually, so nothing really has to change. What would you wear to Paris?



  1. Oh gosh I'm very jealous you're going, bet you'll have an amazing time! :) I'm sure you'll look lovely & stylish whilst wondering the streets of Paris! xxx

  2. I love all of these looks! Have an amazing time! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  3. I have had this question on my mind for the past few days! I know I'm going to have to prepare every single outfit down to the final detail ♥ xxx


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