1 December 2011

24 Sleeps

With only 24 sleeps to go until the big day, you can definitely feel the festive spirit kicking in but also that panic. Only yesterday, i was wondering through Southampton town centre when i began to pick up on those conversations beginning "well i was thinking they'd like this" and ending with "i'm not so sure" Ahh, how christmas brings out the best in all of us!

The town centres are becoming decked in lights, and christmas markets selling everything from hog roasts to knock price gifts. The online stores are posting free deliveries, money off and Motel are having a flash sale, on until 5pm today, with everything 20% off. Even the blogs are beginning to be adorned with christmas gift guides and the latest decor, it really must be that time of year, but what does Christmas mean to you?

To me it means family, more so than ever this year! Being away from home for three months has been tough, but has made me appreciate them so much more, so i can't wait to get home and begin the christmas festivities! (2 weeks to go!) It also means glittering lights and shimmering tinsel, and just because i'm away from home doesn't mean i can't make my little pad in Southampton christmas worthy!

Christmas Tree: Paperchase | Little Red Jingle Bells (On Tree): Paperchase | Tinsel: Asda | Fairy Lights: Amazon | Advent Calender: Mum! | Cherub Decorations: Asda (I also have glittery red stars and a glittery red reindeer from Asda)

My decs went up at the beginning of this week, as i was ready for christmas even before it was! My theme was classic red and gold, and of course a little green tree (when have you ever seen a gold/red/multicoloured tree!?) So i get a waft of tinsel every time i open my door, which makes me think of home!

Food. Of course, it wouldn't be christmas without the delicious home cooked dinner and nibbles out on the fire place. My parents are the best cooks, so i can't wait to get home and eat some delicious home cooked meals (one thing i really do miss while being at uni!) One thing that really makes me think of christmas at home are orange and passionfruit J20s! So i've bought a few of them, in the plastic bottles, to reward myself with after a hard days work! Delicious.

With the countdown well and truly under way, and the first door of our advent calendars (hopefully) opened, the end is in sight. Happy December!



  1. loved reading this, it's made me feel even more christmassy than I already am :D
    Your room looks gorgeous, the little tree is so cute :)
    Totally with you on the j20's!
    <3 Holz oxo

  2. I have an organised list of things to buy for people's presents, I just need to find a spare minute to actually buy them haha! I love your little decorations (: We're decorating our house this weekend, so excited! xx


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