14 August 2011

Fat Willy's

(Sorry for the very peculiar post title but it only links to the top i'm wearing in this OOTD on Thursday, before i went to Mr's house for the weekend (as it was his 21st!) but more on that later.)

Jeans: Topshop Tall / Top: Fat Willy's / Bracelets: Homemade|Gifts|Worry Beads

So, i'm home! It feels like i've really been neglecting my poor blog, but i've been here there and everywhere, so it's been hard to keep up to date. Sadly, i'm not home for long as i'm (not so) jetting off to York tomorrow with my 'rents and my lovely friend Jenna. It'll be lovely to have a little city break, especially with such a good friend and to spend some time with my parents before i leave for University, this September. We plan to wander the pretty streets, do the touristy things (including a ghost walk or two!) and shop at the outlets! Shaping up to be a pretty lovely week, actually.

This outfit was purely worn for running errands, but i absolutely love this bright orange Fat Willy's top! I bought it at the original Newquay branch, while i was in Cornwall. It did have sleeves, but they kinda swamped me and didn't really suit the shape of the top. It's actually a 12-14 child's t-shirt as the smallest adult size they do is huge and i wanted it to be a little more flattering.

Sadly, my beautiful red hair is already fading fast! (input sad face) Due to the stupid bleach still in my hair from being a bright blonde bombshell, but i just have to hold tight and wait for it to grow out (which hopefully will seem to go even faster while i'm busy at university!)

I'm sorry that posting will still be a little sporadic for the next week (boo) but the week after i'm spending time in Southampton, with my Mr, so i'll have plenty of time to keep you up to date and i may even do some sort of Southampton series as my previous one, as well as England When It Sizzles, went down so well!

& Here's just one of my favourite things at the moment, it gives me right grin!

Keep smiling lovlies,

- K ox


  1. Ohh I remember Fat Willy's tees! I like how you've customised it to make it your own. Hope you have a lovely week away xxx

  2. I love the match.com adverts. They are just so cute! x


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