17 May 2011

Double Figures

Next Tall Jeggings / Primark Yellow Drape Top / H&M Black Strappy Top / H&M Leopard Cardigan / Claire's Mirror Necklace

I know, i know - i broke the rules again! But things at college are a little tricky, as we're painting and lugging heavy stuff around wearing super nice clothing is off limits! So, for the next couple days i'm going to have to break the rules a little, i apologise in advance! However, i'm in double figures - only 10 days to go & it can't come soon enough! I'm so looking forward to wearing whatever takes my fancy! Todays outfit was comfy but cute, and it served its purpose (however, my poor leggings are now looking a little worse for wear with white dots scattered everywhere as i seem to like to flick my paint here, there and everywhere!)

When i returned home, i had 2 lovely packages waiting for me: one from Linzi Shoes & one from Models Own! I am IN LOVE with what i received and cannot wait to show you!

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