7 April 2011

1 Week On

Well, it's nearly a week on, since my birthday, and i feel like it's been a total whirlwind! So much has happened, and i can't wait to tell you all about it! Whenever i'm away from the blogasphere for a while, i always feel really out of the loop and a little lost, i find it difficult to get back into writing after being away from it for so long; but on with the show!

I'll start with Saturday 2nd April; the day before my birthday i ventured to London, with the 'rents, to see the Yohji Yamamoto Exhibition at the V&A and to do a little shopping. This was the outfit of the day:

Top: Topshop / Top (Underneath): H&M / Cardigan: Topshop / Jeans: Topshop Tall / Necklace: Gift (Accessorize)

We spent the morning viewing the Yamamoto Exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum. As, for my FMP, i'm looking into male and female, mixing between the two and 21st century women, this exhibition was perfect - practically my FMP in one exhibition! I was a little unsure of what to expect, but once i had wandered round & read up on him - i was hooked. It was often hard to distinguish between male and female; and things probably shouldn't work, but they just do. I would usually despise a designer that almost totally cuts out colour but his beautiful view on black being full of colour, is truly lovely and something he grew up being told. His few bright pieces - the yellow hat dress or the beautiful red dresses become even more spectacular, butterflies in a sea of caterpillars.

"When i started making clothes, all i wanted was for women to wear men's clothes"
- Yohji Yamamoto

If you haven't already been, i highly recommend you take a visit, however it's on until July, so you have plenty of time! It's so unfortunate that you can't take any pictures in these amazing exhibitions, but there were a few of his pieces out in the V&A so took some snaps of them to give you a sneak peek.

All Yohji Yamamoto

After spending my morning being cultural, we took a bus (it was too nice weather to be stuck under ground!) to oxford street where i spent my lovely mumma's money and gazed into the beautiful windows of Selfridges. I love these displays! The mix of high fashion and the ethical background, gives it a lovely feel - plus the bold, bright flowers made me feel all summery!

(Love the reflection of Oxford Street in that last image!)

I bought the shorts i have been dying for, from New Look, and they will be shown in an outfit post near you, very soon! I also bought some of my favourite Waitrose cupcakes from the John Lewis foodhall to make up my birthday cake! Yummy. Something i also purchased was some new Make Up! I haven't bought new make up in a very long time, i ended up trying out the Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara, which i'm testing out as we speak, and the Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad Eye Shadow in 023 Beauty Spells - I would highly recommend it as the colours are super shiny and super gorgeous! I plan to wear it next week with my new dress for mine and the Mr's adventure to London to watch We Will Rock You. I have to say that, althought this mascara isn't horrendous, i am really missing my Benefit go to! The fab thick brush and thick mascara texture is perfect for my thin, straight lashes. This Rimmel one has a slightly thinner brush than the Benefit one and the mascara seems a lot thinner too, so instead of spreading my lashes nice and thick tends to make them look a little lack luster, but i'm getting used to it and am still determined to find one i'm really happy with!

So Sunday was finally my birthday, and also Mother's Day combined! I had a lovely sunny day and had a yummy lunch out at a local restaurant and this is what i wore:

Trousers & Belt: Primark / Top: Max Rave / Necklace: Accessorize

After seeing my beautiful friend Hayley wearing a pair of these fab Palazzo Trousers, i was dying for some! They're not really my normal style but i was excited to try something different and i am actually pleasantly surprised!

I have so much more to tell you but i won't bombard you with too much info at once! My Friday Feeling tomorrow will be full of birthday excitement - cake & all! I'll tell you all about my adventure to the Zoo today very soon!

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