26 March 2016

I Finally Own a Bath & Body Works Candle

I feel like it's one of those cult Blogger brands at this point and it's weird if any American Youtuber doesn't have 5,000 of these burning in the background of their videos or blog posts. However, as a British blogger these are not so easy to get my hands on. Yes, i've seen them in person plenty of times but actually being able to bring them back in my suitcase and not be over the baggage limit is pretty much impossible. So, in December i decided to treat myself, found a UK seller on eBay and bought one.

Bath and Body Works is a large, America based body, hand and home store that creates new scents for every season, in a range of products. Things you probably know them for is their three wick candles, their Pocketbac Hand Sanitizers and possibly their body and shower lotions but they do so, so much more. However, the three wick candles are such a cult product and frankly, i've just felt left out. Since it was December and during the months of November to February i love pine scents so i went for the 'Fresh Balsam' candle which smells like a fresh, Winter day. When it was unlit it smelt right up my street but when i actually burned it over the course of about three weeks, i was realising that it was giving me a headache. I think it was the eucalyptus which was a base note to the pine, but i stuck with it and burned it pretty religiously for about three weeks so i can tell you how it did.

What i must say about these candles is they last for-ever. I burned it everyday for at least an hour and a half, on my days off i burned them literally all day and it barely lost any wax. When it burnt, about half of the candle because liquid but when i blew it out and it hardened again it barely went down at all which is really impressive, because noone wants to spend a lot of money on a candle and it lasts a couple of days. Plus it throws out so much scent, i honestly think it's one of the best candles i've ever purchased and if you think Yankee Candles are good, you've seen nothing yet.


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