26 August 2015

Keeping Fuzz Free: Shaving Routine

So, i've probably mentioned it somewhere down the line but i have really sensitive skin. Not only on my face, but my body too it seems. So up until about two years ago, i found shaving really hard. Every time i shaved my legs or my underarms they came out in huge, blotchy, dry, red rashes which made me not want to shave because it made my skin so sore. So i hid my legs under tights and my arms under sleeves, even in the Summer. I was very naive to the beauty, shaving world and had no idea about shaving creams, gels, 5 blade razors, moisturisers, aloe vera gel and everything else that comes with it. I still have trouble to this day, but alongside going to the salon and getting a wax, i just wanted to share with you how i've gained the confidence to get my legs out.

Thanks to the Gilette Venus Embrace Sensitive Women's 5 Blade Razors i am able to shave my legs with minimal rash. I still have to be pretty gentle, and take my time for rash free legs but it's not nearly as bad as it once was. The five blades mean little tugging on the hair, and skin, which causes little irritation and they come with a built in 'ribbon of moisture' to help keep the skin hydrated. Plus, the head moves to you can get to all those tricky spots like your ankles and back of the knees. Seriously, they have changed my shaving game for sure and my skin is so much happier now i use these. For holiday, i'm probably going to get a wax to begin with but my hair grows back pretty quick so i'll use these to keep up the hair-free finish.

Paired with these i use the Gillette (didn't even realise they were the same brand until now) Satin Care range. Here i've got the Pure and Delicate Shaving Gel, but i've tried the Touch of Olay Sensitve Shave Gel and the Dry Skin Shave Gel. They're all lovely, so i don't really have a preference but i did go through a phase of using Boots or Superdrug own brand ones, but i much prefer these. They're much thicker, and more hydrating plus they're much easier to foam up and you don't have to use as much - i always use too much.

Quick and easy post today, but i just had to share how i'll be keeping fuzz free this holiday. Not many people talk about how they shave, but i feel like i can't be the only one who's had a problem or the only one who has sensitive skin! What's your favourite shaving technique?


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  1. That's fab! I have really sensitive skin and it seems to be the most sensitive on my legs and underarms so this post was soooo useful - I'll have to stick those on my shopping list! Thank you :)

    - Chlo xo


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