28 April 2014

Goodbye Southampton

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So, i only have a few more weeks left of calling Southampton my temporary home, and that's what it always has been; temporary. I have very mixed emotions; it's sad that my experience in Southampton wasn't a nicer one, and i'm actually very glad to be leaving but it's been a great experience over the past three years and it'll always be the city i lived in on my own for the first time.

If i'd been choosing where to live on location rather than for education, i don't think i would have chosen Southampton. It does have a great city centre, and lots of beautiful green space but it really is a student city and that's not something i particularly like, as i'm not your average loves-to-go-out student. It's shopping centre, West Quay, does have a great range of shops and everything you'd need from John Lewis and Marks and Spencer, to The Body Shop, Gap, Fatface and Swatch. As it's such a big city, there are very few times when the centre isn't busy, except for very early in the morning, but even throughout the week is pretty busy and as for weekends, i don't even bother. The green space and beautiful waterfront are a bonus. They're not somewhere i would particularly like to be at night, as i have to say i don't feel all that safe here, but in daylight they're a really beautiful addition. Talking of feeling unsafe, the location of my flat is somewhere i think doesn't seem all that safe as we regularly have homeless people walking our street and it has been known for people to rummage in the bins. However, the flat itself has been a lovely place to live if not pretty expensive. Southampton seems to be fairly expensive to live and a lot of it's streets aren't the prettiest but as for where i've lived, the flat as kept me warm and dry, so that's the main thing.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter and packing up my room hasn't felt all that strange as it really doesn't feel like i've been in Southampton three years or this flat for two of those years. Probably since i got here i was thinking about the day i would be leaving and that day has almost arrived, and as i said i'm excited to see what comes next.



  1. I feel exactly the same as you about Southampton. I'm not much of a party student either so maybe this wasn't the city for me even though I like my course overall. I like my house and feel fairly happy here but I can't wait to get home now - that's where my real life is, and when I can bring my degree with me and get some jobs I know it will have been worth it! Not looking forward to packing up three years worth of stuff though.. xxx


  2. Congratulations on being so close to finishing lovely :) so much of what you say is exactly how I felt this time last year! I'm sure you're going to do really well in your career & wish you all the luck for the future :)
    Love Holly x



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