7 September 2013

&OtherOptions | Butter London Knackered

Butter London Knackered | Models' Own Hayley's Comet

So, seeing as i'm a bit of a nail polish hoarder and i'm growing quite the collection i thought i'd do a littl series of posts called "&OtherOptions", loosely named after new store & Other Stories, for no reason other than the fact it kind of has a ring to it. I really enjoyed posting my Summer Nail Polish Picks back in July so i thought i'd do another few posts some of my favourite shades. Models' Own is one of my favourite brands of nail polish and, honestly, at £5 a bottle, great drying time and a huge colour selection, i thought i'd create this series to show you guys some Models' Own options rather than forking out for the pricier version. Now, the title is &OtherOptions so i'm not showing you exact dupes here but colours that are in a similar colour or shade familiar.

I thought i'd start up by showing you another option to one of my newest polishes, which you learn my opinion of here, Butter London's Knackered. Now, i really have nothing like this in my collection, as it's just the most gorgeous, iridescent, duo-chrome mermaid blue shade but one of my favourite Models' Own polishes could be a great option for you if you don't fancy forking out £14 for a bottle of nail polish.

Hayley's Comet is a beautiful blue, pink, type duo-chrome that looks kind of purple too in some lights. It has the same iridescence that Knackered does and it also shares a lot of shimmer. If you look at the images above, you can see that the colour is by no means the same but in fact the finish is very, very similar. If you like a duo-chrome packed to high heavens with shimmer, then this one's for you.


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