19 April 2012

Models Own Beetlejuice

I kindly received the Models Own Beetlejuice collection for my Birthday, so thought i'd join the bandwagon and blog them.

Aqua Violet

Aqua Violet is a gorgeous purple toned blue, when you first look at the polish it look a definite blue but when you spin the bottle in the light, you can see the gorgeous violet tinge to the edges of the varnish.

Pinky Brown

This is a gorgeous pink that seems to have a golden shine, it's an odd colour as it's a really bold pink but isn't too much thanks to the intense shimmer and golden edge.

Emerald Black

From afar this colour looks like a deep teal, but up close - in the light - it looks like an emerald green but in the shadows a black shimmer. It's not as "beetlejuice" or duochrome as the other polishes in the collection.

Purple Blue

To me, purple blue doesn't have enough blue in it to warrant it's name sake - i think the polish is a double purple, it has a deep violet base with a lighter, pink toned purple as it's duochrome and shimmers in the light with a hint of blue in certain lights.

Golden Green

This is probably the plainest of the shades, being a simple golden lime green type colour, although it definitely has gold tones in it - it's not exactly duochrome like the rest of the polishes, it's more just one solid colour with intense shimmer, it's a beautiful colour all the same.

Tropical Sun

Tropical Sun is one of the three new Spring collection Beetlejuice polishes released for the new season. Along with Indian Ocean - which my mum purchased - and Copper Pot, these polishes are a lot more light and bright, compared the deeper toned colours of the Winter collection. I loved this colour so much i had to buy it on top of receiving the Winter collection for my Birthday!


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