6 August 2011

Blog Win!

So, i'm slowly catching up with everyday life now as so much has happened in the last 3ish weeks, but it's all happened so quickly! One thing that did happen just before i went away was that i was lucky enough to be the winner of Laura's Giveaway! I was over the moon as i've been a loyal follower of That's So Yesterday for a long time, if you haven't already discovered her - go take a look for yourself!

So after a little wait, my little parcel came winging through my letterbox! (Well, technically it tried to wing through my letterbox but i missed it, so had to wing myself to the post office to pick it up.)

It contained: Paul Smith Optimistic Purfume, Beautiful Pearly Beaded Bracelete, Eyelure Sex & the City Eyelashes & Eyeko Petite Polish.

I loved the eyelashes so much, i had to buy some for my friend, Nicole, for her birthday! They have adorable stars in the corner of each set. The perfume is perfect, something i would have picked for myself as it's not too girly, or floral, but a little more musky which is exactly what i go for - perrrfect!

It was so lovely to receive all wrapped up in it's pink tissue and ribbon, with a cute little post it from Laura! It's all about the little touches, so thank you Laura for such a fab prize!

I also thought i'd just share with you this bargain purchase that i acquired just before my holiday. I've been lusting over this Zara Taylor beauty for months, but at £21.99 plus P&P i wasn't sure i could really justify the buy, but when i spyed this almost identical version at Eclectic Eccentricity while it was in the sale for just a fiver, with a few quid delivery i couldn't not! So it now happily resides in my jewellery box, for now.

What have you bought/acquired lately?

- K ox


  1. That's such a cute pendant, I love the idea of a magnifying glass pendant and a bargain too <3

    It's always nice as a blogger to win a giveaway once in a while xxx

  2. I have that perfume too! I was lucky enough to win it in a giveaway also. :) x


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