14 July 2011

LDN Cont.

So, i've spent the last couple of days in London with my friend Hayley. It was nice to spend more than a day in the capital, but it's always nice to come home from a super hectic, busy environment!

We decided on staying in a Travelodge for ease and price as we were almost in the centre of Covent Garden but at a seriously reasonable price (we did book way in advance though!) I was surprised at how lovely the hotel room was, as you can never be too sure with Travelodges - they can often be cold and in need of serious refurbishment, however the Covent Garden branch is currently undergoing restoration to do it up so i was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the room!

My first photo was of our toilet as i couldn't believe how flashy it was!

Our wonderful view (through a dirty window) of some ever so lovely council flats - ah London!

Once we got there, we decided our first day was going to be a standard London day, ambling down Oxford Street - the sun was shining, the tills were ringing; what more could a girl want!

I changed out of my skirt for said occasion as shopping is serious sport when you're in London, and there weren't no room for elbowing and/or kneeing in a skirt! So decided on this classic number with Vintage style shorts from New Look, Racer back top from H&M and Claw bead necklace from Miss Selfridge.

Before embarking on our adventure we decided we needed to fuel up, so went down one tube stop to Leicester Square and ate in Chiquitos; I'd always heard of it but never actually been there myself. I'm quite a fan of mexican so was quite excited to try it and was very glad that i did! For starters, we ate about 1ish and the place almost dead. There was only us and a couple already eating, but they soon left. The staff were friendly and attentive, but not pushy (however when we wanted to pay separately, and both with cash, our waitress became a little rude because she didn't have enough change for us - i don't see why a restaurant wouldn't have enough change but up until that point she was brilliant!) We both had a garlic bread/fajita type thing which was delish and you also get complimentary tortilla chips and dip which is lovely! I had a yummy sandwich type of thing filled with chicken and bacon and skin chips on the side which was sooo good, however extremely large so i couldn't finish it, but for £8.99 for two courses you couldn't go wrong! Drinks is where they make their money though as nearly £4 for a coke was pretty steep!

However, it was delicious and i would probably go again!

After a hard afternoon's shopping we retired to our room as we were totally knackered! So tired we couldn't even be bothered to go out for dinner, well actually we were so full form lunch we weren't even hungry until about 8! We decided it best to eat at the Travelodge as the prices were great they had scrummy, snuggly sofas to slouch in for a drink and a chat (I had the lasagne and it was made with green pasta sheets!)

On our shopping trip we had stopped off in a Boots as i'm becoming a bit of a make up fiend, an wanted some new bits. Seeing as 17 were giving a great offer of "buy two 17 products & get nail bar in a bag for free" i sort of gravitated towards the 17 stand! I'm already (sort of) in the know about 17 as i'm a huge fan of their Mirror Shine On Lipstick and wanted try some other products. I ended up going for the 17 Supreme Shine Polish in LOVE, another Mirror Shine on Lipstick in Flirtini as i have been coveting it for weeks (now i'm after Peace!), a Solo Eye Shadow in Rose Quartz and Nail Xtras Glitter Top Coat. I love all the items i purchased and in return i got the little Nail Bar in a Bag.

It contains: Lasting Fix Polish in Pink Grapefruit and Knockout Red, some leopard print heart shaped nail stickers and a mini leopard print emery board (perfect for tossing in your bag!)

I decided to test out some polish and went for the Supreme Shine in Love and the Lasting Fix in Pink Grapefruit, they go really well together and i'm really happy with the result! I have to say though that i am happier with the Supreme Shine as the Lasting Fix, despite it's name, seems to chip at the tips quite quickly. It's also a super thin polish so i ended up doing three coats - however, it does dry super fast so this isn't a huge problem!

I did used the same on my toes except tried out the Glitter Top Coat too, which is actually really cute! My only criticism would be that it seems to make the polish look quite matte but i still love the result.

On our second day we really didn't know what to do! We were so stumped. We ended up tubing out to Primrose Hill and strolling in that area but decided it wasn't really for us so walked through Regents Park and stood right at the top to stare out at a gloomy London skyline.

Long Story short and one Costa Fruit Cooler and one piece of Tiffin later we ended up in Piccadilly Circus, and then onto Trafalgar Square were we sat, people watched and caught on the latest fashion-news in Look & Grazia.

I had a lovely time with H but am glad to be home for some well deserved Zzz's. I hope you're all having good weeks! I'm off to catch up on all your blogs and chill out watching Peter Andre Here 2 Help on +1! Sleep well lovlies!

- K xo

p.s. Don't forget to drop by tomorrow for this weeks England When It Sizzles, when Jess will be filling you in on everything you need to know about Cambridge!

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  1. I love visiting London, I always get so tired too tho! So much to see/do.

    17 used to be one of my favourite make-up brands! They always give a good free gift every summer, I've had little gift boxes before which have been filled with goodies xxx


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