17 June 2011

Lust Haves

As college is over and summer is just about to start (plans start as of next week!) i've had some spare time just to run some errands, sort out some things & browse around at the latest trends and themes in the high street, blogasphere and on the street! I've also had some time to consider my own wardrobe and i love my own style, as everyone should, but i'm quite interested in breaking out a little bit and trying things that i maybe wouldn't usually.

For starters, here's an outfit from yesterday that i used purely for running errands and lounging around, tidying my wardrobe & my room:

Cardigan: H&M / Strappy Top: H&M / Top: New Look/ Necklace: Dorothy Perkins / Jeggings: Next Tall

I have had this top for ages, it's bizarre but i kinda love it! It was last year or the previous year when New Look seemed to have this faze of selling hundreds of different prints on this style of top (i also had it in hot pink lips and currently still own the white with navy blue feathers). I keep pulling things out of my wardrobe that i haven't worn for ages and thinking of different ways i could style them, this being one of them! I'd really like to try pairing it with a skirt - however, there is a lot of material to this top and i don't know if it would just make me look like i rolls of fat in my skirt, but it's worth a try!

Well, as i said before i've been wanting to try out some pieces that i maybe wouldn't usually go for, so i've been browsing the net for some bits that i'd really like to give a go! I've been looking for some colour and also a few basics that could be incorporated into my currant wardrobe to mix things up.

I am absolutely IN LOVE with the Double Pocket Sheer Shirts from New Look, those two colours are amazing and i really want them both! Leaning towards the turquoise as i think i could incorporate in into my current wardrobe better, however i can't stop thinking about that orange! There is also another sheer shirt i am really loving from New Look at the moment, that i'm dying for! There's a serious case of New Look Lust going on at the moment, they're just doing so well! I really love the Coloured Denim Hot Pants too, they're just such a brilliantly easy way to introduce colour blocking. I'm trying to be good with my money at the moment, but i think i'm going to have to spend some pennies on a few of these essentials for my adventures this summer!

How would you style these pieces & what are you lusting this Summer?

ps. Sorry for the awful pictures being bigger than my blog space, i really need my Mr to create me a new blog background - and fast!

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