28 July 2012

What's In My Bag?

 Bag | Zara

I adore this bag, and YES again i bought into the hype, but it's honestly love at first sight but come on - it's not as if i went STRAIGHT for the hype, i could have gotten the beige colour but i went for something a little more me and honestly the other colour wouldn't stay clean for more than five minutes with me! It's wonderfully spacious without being huge, i find it's the perfect size and the strap the perfect length when it's on it's longest setting. Mostly, i love the colour and i love the texture - i love red bags and find they're a statement piece but go with so much, i wear them with a lot so it wasn't too out there for me and the feel is so soft - somewhere between a suede and leather feel, just so soft! It's honestly beautiful and can say it totally lives up to the hype, i recommend it and for the price it's perfect!

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Similarly to my make up bag, i like to think of my bag as 'what if' kinda dealy. It has everything i'll ever need but i obviosuly add and subtract things considering on the day or situation. I always, always, always carry travel sickness tablets, Nurofen, plasters and at least my Burt's Bee's lipbalm as these are super essential for me - mainly cause i'm a sicky, clumsy, dry lipped kinda kid.

Obviously i always carry my purse and my camera, for just incases - can't be a blogger without a camera, a lesson learnt from one of the best! My phone's never too far behind but it rarely finds it's way to my bag, that's far too far away from my reach. I love the little Totes set - my umbrella and shopper - an umbrella is an essential for anyone who lives in the UK and the shopper is super handy for when i need an extra pair of hands. Never too far from my sunglasses either, and the case is just adorable for £1.50!

I love the Soap & Glory handbag products, i honestly can't get enough of the Hand Maid scent - it's just delicious and the Hand Food is an essential for so many, and it ain't for no reason! Never go anywhere without my mini hairbrush as my locks can be a little unruly and Cherry Drops are my fave! As in my make up bag post, i raved about the Berry Smoothie Lip Butter, well here's my second edition - i love it that much!

As a budding journalist i make it my duty to always carry a pen and paper around with me, for just incases and blossoming ideas. If i don't write things down when i think of them, they're lost forever so that's for those kinda purposes! I also don't go far without tissues, a sugar fix and my headphones.. although i don't often carry my ipod these days unless i need it as it's on it's last legs and the battery doesn't last that long, but sod's law usually says that if i need my ipod i won't have my headphones, so now they live in my bag to stop those kinda situations happening.

So, that's what's in my bag.. What's in yours?


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  1. We have the same phone! How satisfied are you with the Revlon lip butters? I really want to try them! :) x


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