24 July 2012

REVIEW: Big Wide World of Make Up Remover

I am a complete make up remover virgin, cue the gasps. I've always been a make up wipe kind of a gal but i've recently been having trouble with my eyelashes. They seem to have become fairly delicate and with my make up wipe includes a bit of rubbing, scrubbing and heavy wiping. So, i thought it was about time i tried something a little gentler for my eyes.

Shirley recommended in a recent video a Garnier Eye Make Up Remover, but i'd seen some not so great reviews about it online so tried it's sister product, the 2 in 1 Simply Essentials Make Up Remover. This had some fairly good reviews after some research and i know Garnier is a good skincare brand.

This is one of those shake the two liquids together jobbys, stating that the blue liquid at the top is the make up removing oil and the clear liquid at the bottom is a cleansing water. I did not like this product, in fact so much so i've already gotten rid of it after only two or three attempts. For starters, the bottle comes with a really awkward opening which means that every time i try to empty some onto the cotton pad it goes everywhere and makes my hands, and the bottle, feel very greasy. That's another i don't like, the feel is horrible like i said greasy and slimey. It says it's supposed to be a soothing make up remover however, when i use this on the rest of my face i feel like it irritates my skin - especially under my eyes, and i feel it makes them sensitive. The only good thing about this product, for me, is that it doesn't take any rubbing to get my mascara off just wiping but i wouldn't say it does it quickly. Overall, i really didn't like this product more so because of the fact i feel it irritates my skin, in fact so much so that even the next morning my under eyes were still sore. Ouch.

I've always been interested in the Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover and it has rave reviews, so i couldn't not give this a go.

This product is also branded as being soothing and thankfully i can report that i would agree with that. Like the Garnier, it's also a shaking together style product with what looks like an oil on the top. It's soft on the eyes and doesn't feel like it's damaging to the skin, which is much more pleasing than the Garnier product. Unlike the other, it was much more controlled being put on the cotton pad and i didn't have a problem with getting product everywhere. I have to say, i felt that it took a long time to get my make up off and although i can't report whether it would take waterproof mascara off, from the way it took off my heavily mascaraed eyes i would say that either it wouldn't or it would take a significant amount of time. I like, with this product, that you don't have to rub or scrub at your eyes as it's so soothing, you definitely just need to sweep but like i said it did take a while to get it completely off my eyes, especially. After using all over my face, like it states it can be used for, it left an oily residue on my skin despite being well shaken before distributed on the cotton pad, which i really don't like as i felt i needed to use a make up wipe over my face after which defeats the point for me.

So, do you have any profound make up removers you think i simply must try?



  1. I love the same garnier makeup remover! Too bad it didnt work out for you ):

  2. Oh I have been wanting to try the boots botantics range. Ive heard amazing things about bioderma but its quite expensive xx


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