19 July 2012

#OOTD The Graduation Dress

So as you read this i'll be well on my way to Southampton to escort my Mr to his graduation, passing with First Class Honours. I'm so, so proud of him and decided it was only write to buy myself a new outfit so he could feel proud to have me on his arm!

I popped to Cambridge to run some errands and decided to have a look through the sales whilst i was there. I was there pretty early so it wasn't the usual brawl that occurs when the sale season arises, i could browse the Topshop sale without feeling elbows in my back and having steps on my toes. It was bliss! I picked up a heap of dresses in different colours, shapes and sizes to try on and this was the first one i tried and i instantly fell in love! I knew what i was looking for and originally i was after a drop hem dress but because i have such long legs, all the drop hems that i tried just looked far too short on me at the front - almost indecent. I found that this gorgeous little number was the best of both worlds, it's flowy like the drop hem style but it's not too girly for my style and fits me perfectly. I've never owned anything from Love before, mainly because i can't usually afford their prices but also because it's never really on my radar - however, this was originally £40 but was half price down to £20 and that's a price i can handle. It's super comfortable and i just love the way it looks on me, it makes me feel really good about myself and also gives me confidence which i'm always looking for in an outfit.

After trying it on i knew i wanted to take the coral colour from the dress and pair it with that sort of colour palette. I already owned the bright red clutch from Jonny's brother's wedding and i knew that i wanted some sort of little jacket in red to bring everything together. I always find that navy's hard to pair with black, so my leather jacket was out and the rest of my jackets are either black or informal so when i saw this gorgeous little number in New Look i knew it was to be! I think if i wanted to dress this down a little my leather jacket could work but for a more formal event i wanted to do my best to be the best girlfriend i could be!

 Dress: Love Via Topshop | Jacket: New Look | Bag: Peacocks | Necklace: Topshop (Old) | Belt: New Look | Shoes: Topshop (Old) | Bracelets: H&M/John Lewis/Gift | Nail Varnish: Model's Own Champagne | Hair Doughnut: Amazon

I forgot to paint my finger nails for these images but my fingers will be the same colour as my toes for the big event and i decided to get my hair out my face, putting it up in this hair doughnut. I love this look at the minute, it's far more grown up and sophisticated than a pony tail and is an easy option if you don't want your hair down. I'm trying to grow my hair and it's it at one of those annoying stages where it's too short but not long enough, so i love this style. It's also great for combatting all weathers, great for the sun so it's off your face and it means if it's windy and/or raining, like usual, it's not going to get messy with a spritz of hairspray.

I just added some simple shoes and simple jewellery and voila! An outfit fit for the Mr's graduation.


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  1. I love your dress, the colours are stunning!
    Congratulations on your graduation!!


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